and i did, sort of…

5 hours of solid, no-break work later, and i’ve finished part I and turned it in–i was right–i didn’t even have time to look at part II, so it went down the drain. down the drain to spain. i’ll take you down to chinatown.

i need food.

By Jonathan Lipps

Jonathan has been making things out of code as long as he can remember. Jonathan is the architect and project lead for Appium, the popular open source automation framework. He is also the founding Principal of Cloud Grey, a consulting firm devoted to helping clients leverage the power of Appium successfully. He has worked as a programmer in tech startups for over 15 years, but is also passionate about academic discussion. Jonathan has master’s degrees in philosophy and linguistics, from Stanford and Oxford respectively. Living in Vancouver, he’s an avid musician, and also writes on the philosophy of technology.

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