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the day was long, so the night will be short. short nights are no fun, but a necessary evil if you want to make the days as fun as possible. this inverse relation has always bothered me.

an out of the ordinary occurrence: i went out to dinner tonight. some people cooked for me and some friends. the food was good, and it was good times. at the very least it was nice to get away from the lemon chicken.

i climbed fairly strong at the wall tonight. the place was pretty empty, which was nice, but those who were there were some of the wall’s elite…so i felt a little intimidated. but, i threw down on the 5 i’ve been working on for a while–cleaned it up professionally. the rest of the night i spent toying with a 6, which, when i get it, will be my first 6. but i can tell that i’ll have to get a little more strength before i can pull some of the moves on the route. or maybe i was just weak from not climbing for…4 days or so.

second out of the ordinary occurrence of the night: dan and i made a midnight run to safeway. safeway’s a very odd place at night–it’s basically just you and the night employees, and they all have the big carts of cardboard boxes in the aisles, cereal boxes strewn over the floor, inventoring or whatever else they are doing. all the same i tend to think of it as having a sort of festival air..mysterious, though–only open to initiates…those who shop at ungodly hours. at any rate quite a haul was had…chex mix, peanut butter, jelly, instant flavored oatmeal, eggos, sunkist, dried apples, to name a few of the goods. as a side note, i would like to mention that as i strolled down the bottled drink section, my heart was wrenched once more as the painful reality of wilbur dining’s evil overpricing came crashing down on me. but i didn’t let it stop me. no sir.

there were a few things, however, that i was not too happy with today. one was my obsessive reloading of my own blog page. even though in my mind i knew that it wouldn’t change unless i posted something new to it, i clung to the hope that my blog somehow transcended that necessity. it is very odd how a simple collection of words can seem suddenly to take life and become an organism. but then again, a blog can have at most derived intentionality–not even being a simple turing machine, no one, whatever their philosophical leanings, would say that blogs have minds. yet it is hard to escape the hope that your words will somehow become better than they are solely in virtue of the fact that here they are, for the world (a small subset of it, anyway) to read. this is the closest things to my thoughts being interactive that i have experienced, and so the errors are easily fallen into–that of mistaking the blog for more than a tool (i.e. making it an end simpliciter), for example. let us all pray that wisdom will prevail in this too.

the other few things were simply that i didn’t get a whole lot of work done. it’s kind of like, after doing 39 mindless yet difficult verb/participle complete identifications, i don’t feel like going the other direction on 20 more problems. so that was the death of my greek work. the irony is that in the time it’s taken me to write this much, i could have been halfway done with the remainder of the work. the irony in the last sentence is that even if i weren’t writing this blog i wouldn’t be doing greek.

i’ve been thinking about love a little more recently. i’ll let you know when i’ve figured it out. (this may not be for a billion years) most people say they can’t understand romantic love. me neither. however, for all i think i know, i’m pretty sure that i understand god’s love even less. and this is not a hopeful thought. let’s change a billion to a trillion.

in recent news, it’s bedtime. far past, actually. it would have been nice to get more than 6 hours of sleep. alas, “duty is heavier than a mountain, [sleep] lighter than a feather”. if you know the real version of that quote you are cool, in a nerd sort of way.

for the interactive part of the blog, does anybody care about my word of the day? not that i care–i do it so that i have an excuse to learn my vocabulary. does anybody even have a clue what it is?

i’ll steal a one-liner from jason–i’ve ‘said far too much’. good night.

virtual disc on spin: sink or swim, waterdeep

By Jonathan Lipps

Jonathan worked as a programmer in tech startups for several decades, but is also passionate about all kinds of creative pursuits and academic discussion. Jonathan has master’s degrees in philosophy and linguistics, from Stanford and Oxford respectively, and is working on another in theology. An American-Canadian, he lives in Vancouver, BC and has way too many hobbies.

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