love sucks

yes–i got dan a date. a date for the dance on friday. the screw your roommate dance. for those of you who don’t go to stanford, that means that roommates get dates for each other (i.e. they SCREW them. har har). but, i didn’t screw dan, really–i got him a very nice date, and i think they will have much fun.

now i’m just a little hesitant about who dan might be asking for me. i’m sure i will have fun whoever it is, but i’d still rather have emily in the same state as me, to go to dances with and stuff.

in other news, the sexual health peer resource center is hosting a valentine’s day event entitled ‘love sucks’. i find this very in line with everything else i know about the SHPRC. because, for real, what does love have to do with sex? [sarcasm should be evident here. it’s the biting, accusatory kind]

we’ve had some small room modifications here in soto 101. first, i moved my desk lamp up on top of my wardrobe, so that i can use it to read books with before i go to bed at night. i find this a very profound change, because it will alter my daily schedule significantly. now, either i must plan around reading in my bed, or i will get less sleep. so who knows how that will turn out, but i hope for the best. secondly, we’ve acquired a very nice piece of installation art and put it on the floor by the refridgerator. and if you weren’t an art buff like me, you might actually think it’s a tray, plate, glass, and fork from wilbur dining, replete with week-old lemon chicken and rice. but that’s only if you’re stupid.

the trash needs to go out. the trash always needs to go out. i guess that’s what happens when they give you freakin small trash cans.

oh yeah, i’d like to give a shout out to all those who have viewed my blog recently. thanks for reading! you know who you are: (in order of most recent visit) me, tina, bryan, emily, [someone using sprint], chris n, eric, and alex. you guys rock. and if you are our mysterious sprint telephone line user and care to identify yourself, no harm will come to you, i promise.

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