proceed nae further

one pleasant schedule-altering anomaly: i played tennis this afternoon. and, when i say pleasant, i don’t really mean pleasant so much as not that pleasant. sure it was fun, but i sucked. even by my standards (which as most can tell you are pretty low). and, as most can also tell you, i am one of the sorest losers you’ll ever meet. mostly with card games, but it has extended gradually to cover most forms of competition. it’s never bad if i know from the outset i’m going to get whooped (rather, know from the outset that i deserve to get whooped due to the skill level of my opponent). but if i feel like i could be doing better, then i get pretty pissed. in cards it’s even worse because in most games there’s an element of chance and without fail i will be dealt the worse cards possible. you might think i am exaggerating, but that is because your coherence theory of knowledge in this instance has been unable to cope with my anomaly.

in any case the thing i like most about tennis is running fast and getting a decent workout, neither of which happened today (it was a very slow-paced game). which is fine, but since my speed is about my only natural ability in the sport, my teeth were pulled. so maybe i was able to work on the rest of my game–mmm….not really. or maybe i’m just whining. i can deal with that. it’s my blog after all, and it’s you’re fault that you are reading. you’re probably procrastinating, too, which makes things worse. i would say shame on you, if i weren’t procrastinating right now.

in all seriousness, if you are a newcomer to the blog you may want to consider cautiously whether or not you really want to make it a habit of reading this. you’ll probably realize sooner or later that i am really a pretty big jerk, lazy, a little egotistical, not all that funny; you’ll probably realize to your horror that i am not the perfectly crafted paragon of human virtue and beauty you thought i was. so, as they say, ignorance is bliss–if ye are of that faint-hearted ilk, i beseech ye, proceed nae further lest thy lives be ruined by mine.

a little overdramatic, but that’s just to scare away the under-18 crowd.

i had a really long dinner. most of it was spent in a daze. you see, i was too lazy to focus my eyes. like–there was just nothing that i really cared looking at enough to warrant me using energy to focus my eyes. so it was funny when i was talking to anybody, because with my eyes focused at infinity, their eyes seemed to meld together into one, reminding me of cyclops.

in other news: remember when i gave you the list of groceries last night? well, you’ll notice that i listed peanut butter and jelly. but like solid bachelors dan and i forgot bread. so, if any of you twain dwellers would be so kind as to steal me a loaf of that white buttermilk bread from stern dining, it would be much appreciated!

yeah, they didn’t invite me to play at sophomore night at the coho this quarter. i just found out today they are having sophomore night this wednesday, and they invited my friends back to play, but not me. that made me a little sad, because i thought people liked it the last time i played. oh well. it’s probably for the best, because i would have had to say no anyways (going to london). but it still hurt that they didn’t ask. ok, enough pity party. i don’t write music for other people anyway. at least not people who don’t like it. (this i find is a good rule of thumb–don’t do things for people that don’t like those things)

still no word on my date for friday. i think dan’s working on it. i guess i don’t really care if i get one or not, except everyone else has one so i wouldn’t want to go out to dinner with them. it’d be weird. it might be fun, though, if i get a date, whether it’s a friend of mine (so that i can hang out with her–because i haven’t hung out with anyone in a long time), or not (i haven’t met anyone new in a long time too). so i guess my ambivalence is nice, because i’m fine either way.

i spent most of work today trying to figure out how to burn a DVD. it’s pretty cool. but because of that i wasn’t able to sneak in any homework, and so i’ve gotten absolutely nothing done today. and so i have two readings for knowledge tomorow which i have to read and write about. sucky. guess i should do them. i don’t really have any excuses–i’ve got the whole night in front of me. …must…pry…self…from…keyboard……

oh and keep the comments coming. they make me happy. think of each comment as one scooby snack for the blog. (don’t personify the blog, jonathan. ok jonathan)

virtual disc on spin: good dog bad dog | over the rhine (format for this will always be “album | artist”, unless otherwise noted. and, ‘virtual disc’ just means i’ve taken my cd and ripped it to my computer, and that’s how i’m listening to it. in case you were wondering. i make the distinction so you know exactly what sound quality i’m exposed to at the moment. i rip 128kbps .wma files)

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