Christmas by Splendour Hyaline

As a gift for all of our friends and family this Christmas, my brother David and I (who comprise Splendour Hyaline) recorded a 3-song Christmas EP, inexplicably called “Christmas”. Here it is for download in MP3 format (make sure to right-click and Save Target As):

(cover art by Chris Nyffeler)

(for those of you using iTunes, you’ll see the album art is already attached to the songs. Otherwise, feel free to copy the image from this page)

NOTE: Songs are now considered to be the final mix.

Author: Jonathan Lipps

Jonathan is a Director of Open Source at Sauce Labs, leading a team of open source developers to improve the web and mobile testing ecosystem. Apart from being the project lead of Appium, he has worked as a programmer in tech startups for over a decade, but is also passionate about academic discussion. Jonathan has master's degrees in philosophy and linguistics, from Stanford and Oxford respectively. Living in Vancouver BC, he's an avid rock climber, yogi, musician, and writer on topics he considers vital, like the relationship of technology to what it means to be human. Visit for more.

7 thoughts on “Christmas by Splendour Hyaline”

  1. FYI: I just got word from David, who’s producer and mixmaster, that the songs currently for download are not the final mix. You may want to wait until those are up. I’ll comment again when they are!

  2. enjoying the songs. i really wish we could hang. have a guiness and talk about girlfriends and how we’ll never have them and God and how we’ll never understand Him.

  3. you lipps boys… wow. amazing music, amazing minds. i can’t handle it;) really enjoy reading the blogs as well… keep writing.

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