Splendour Hyaline in Paste Magazine; Album on iTunes

I have some great Splendour Hyaline news to share! First of all, Paste magazine (my favorite music magazine) has run a short “review” of our new EP, Hope (A Sliver, Like the Moon), in their March edition (with the Norah Jones cover).

This is a first for David and me, and we’re super excited about it–as it turns out, the review is (in my opinion) overwhelmingly positive! Please go and support Paste by picking up a copy (they should be at places like Barnes & Noble, etc…). Our review is, I’m told, on page 69, right underneath Bright Eyes!

Second, if you’re interested in purchasing Hope…, it is now available for sale on iTunes! We have pressed CDs as well, but as I’m out of the country for a while, iTunes is an excellent way to get your hands on a copy now. You can preview tracks in iTunes, or listen to full-length tracks at Splendour Hyaline’s myspace. If you decide you’d like to purchase the album, simply click the link below. Thanks for your support! If you do buy the album, I’d really appreciate it if you also wrote an honest review on iTunes, describing your reaction to the music. Having a lot of reviews helps us out when people are browsing music!

Check out Hope (A Sliver, Like the Moon) on iTunes!

By Jonathan Lipps

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