You’ve found yourself on the about page for this blog. If you’re looking for more information about me (Jonathan Lipps), you should head back to my main site:

But on the assumption that you’re interested in the origins of this blog, here’s a few words!

I first started blogging when the concept was a relatively new one, back in early 2002. At that time, I was using Blogger, and my entries were very bad (you can go back and view them on this site’s archive page if you want to see what I mean, since I’ve imported all my previous blogs’ entries into this one). Eventually I got my own hosting and set up a Movable Type site, with a layout of my own devising. That lasted until mid-2005, when I switched over to the blogging system I’d created from scratch for the social learning network I was developing (Teleios e4). I wrote there until Fall of 2007, when a 4+month trip to Kenya with friends meant that I was blogging at our group site (Hello! Fine.) Those entries are also imported here, though I did not import entries written by my fellow volunteers.

After that, life caught up with me and my habit of posting reflections or links kind of died out. Well, that time is past, and I’m back! We’ll see if I can keep it up.

Why “Re:Creation”? Read this post and find out!


Jonathan Lipps, July 03, 2008

PS The header photo was taken by me during a game of Take Two.

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