ReCreate: 3 Photos

The other day, Jess told me about a photography contest she found out about, and we decided to submit three photos each. It was surprisingly difficult to go through my photo library and pick three that I thought had something really special. A lot of my photos were almost automatically ruled out because I felt the subjects were too “obvious”: a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, for example. Anyway, I thought I’d post the three I decided to submit:

Looking Through the Window at History

Radcliffe Camera at Dusk

Turning Around Before Dark in Joshua Tree

If you want to vote for my portfolio, you can check it out here! (Also, be sure to check out Jessica’s portfolio as well). It was really fun to pick a few photos I thought had a chance, and it inspires me to keep snapping pictures. It was also interesting to sink for a moment back into the stories these photos captured, and I hope they can transport you somewhere else for a brief second.

Photos from Germany and England

I took a trip recently, occasioned by dirt-cheap airfare and the fact that my parents were going already, to Germany and England. Awesomely, Jessica was also able to come! We spent a few days in Edelsfeld, Germany, the tiny town where my sister and her husband live. Then it was off to Cambridge, England, for a night with our friends Eric and Nicki. Eric is a student there, and we were able to have an inside look at some of Cambridge’s colleges. We spent the bulk of our time, however, in Oxford, where I’ve been accepted to read for a Linguistics degree this Autumn. We had the good fortune to stay with some friends from Schloss Mittersill who live in Oxford, and spent the days cruising around town, visiting colleges and pubs! Finally, we had a fun two days in London at the end of the trip before heading home. Here are two photo sets with pictures from the trip! As you can tell, on this trip I focused a lot on architecture, and enhancing the ancient buildings using HDR techniques. Enjoy!

Germany 3-2009

England 3-2009

Germany and Barcelona

Blog silence has reigned for the last month, largely due to my traveling in Europe and wanting, understandably, to minimize computer time. I spent most of my time in Germany living with my sister Rachel in a tiny town in Bavaria called Edelsfeld, where she is living with her husband while he works for the US Army. He is currently on deployment, so it was good to spend some time with her!

I also had the opportunity to travel with my girlfriend Jessica on the weekends, as she was spending a few months in northern Germany working this summer. We spent a weekend in her town, Celle, then joined my sister and good friends Trent and Natalie in Munich, then finally had a wonderful time visiting Barcelona.

Obviously there would be numerous things to write about, from stories to observations of interesting cultural differences to reflections I had during the last weeks, but alas! There is no time. So instead, I’ll just post links to the photo albums I’ve added to my Flickr account. Enjoy!

Photos from SF, Macomb, and Omaha

There’s a new photoset up at my Flickr page with some shots from my recent travels with Jessica and others. She came to San Francisco for a week, then I was able to visit her family in Macomb, IL. We rounded things out with a trip to Omaha, NE to watch our friend Peter swim in the Olympic trials. Anyway, check out the photos…

SF, Macomb, Omaha 6-2008