Re:Creation 2.0

It’s been awhile since I’ve attempted blogging. From Blogger to Movable Type to Teleios and finally to WordPress, I’ve done my fair share of writing and pointing at things on the internet. I decided that I miss it, and so here we go again.

I’m giving this blog the same name as my Teleios e4:online blog, because I really like it. For me, re-creation, or creating in response to the universal creative process God has instituted around us, is at the core of our purpose and therefore our identity as human beings. It’s amusing that the word “recreation” has come to mean something so seemingly superfluous as “arbitrary leisure activities”–but my goal is not to imbue that word with seriousness. Rather, a lighthearted, creative playfulness should characterize our attempts at integrating the various things we find about ourselves in this massive universe into our identities.

That’s what I’m attempting to do here, through thoughts, stories, or sharing random things that have piqued my interest or are just plain funny.

So, Welcome! Please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to follow this blog in the reader of your choice.

PS I’ve taken the liberty of importing all my blog posts in the past 6 years from various sources–my college Blogger blog, my MovableType setup, the short-lived, the Teleios experiment, and finally the “Hello! Fine.” blog I kept with some friends while volunteering in Kenya. They’re all mixed in together, but provide an interesting retrospective nonetheless. Don’t go back too far though–there’s some embarrassing writing lurking back there in the nooks and crannies of time.