iDVD and epistemology

i now know everything there is to know about iDVD, the mac application used to burn dvds of your own videos. i spent the last few hours writing an instruction guide on getting a movie from your camera to a DVD, and it’s not that hard. the dvds themselves tend to suck, but hey, it’s a dvd. hardly anyone really burns their own.

in any case, i didn’t miss class this morning. in fact, i woke up an hour and a half early to do my reading for it. aren’t i a conscientious student? class itself wasn’t bad–we did an overview of the epistemological theories we’ve surveyed so far, and as a class generated a lot of focused thesis topics. the only real grade for the course is the final paper, so we’re gearing up and starting to think of what we really care about writing 4,000 words on. i’m thinking of maybe doing something on the circularity in coherence theories, or maybe theories of justification. who knows.

i didn’t think it was going to for any reason, but it’s raining today. this is less than optimal, because my back bike tire has been flat (due to slashing) for about a month, leaving me with just my longboard. and when it’s raining, i can’t ride it or i’ll mess it up. so i have to walk everywhere, and that’s really slow. ah well.

nothing really interesting is going on, and i’m not having any real profound thoughts, so i’m gonna get back to doing some work. and dreading my logic problem set.

disc on spin: electric boogaloo | five iron frenzy

By Jonathan Lipps

Jonathan worked as a programmer in tech startups for several decades, but is also passionate about all kinds of creative pursuits and academic discussion. Jonathan has master’s degrees in philosophy and linguistics, from Stanford and Oxford respectively, and is working on another in theology. An American-Canadian, he lives in Vancouver, BC and has way too many hobbies.

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