sex and logic

if xA* = xAT || xAF, show that x |= xA*

and that’s only the first part of the problem–logic is, if i may say so–hard as crap. and i worked on it for the last three hours, bringing the clock to 12:30. now i have a choice: do greek or not do greek. i have to be up at 8:30, and my greek would probably take me a good 1.5-2 hrs to do completely. i suppose i’ll just go to bed.

crusade was different tonight–we had some guest speakers come in to talk about ‘relationships’. what they really talked about was sex. at first i thought it might be like one of those talks you get at high school on why abstinence is the only 100% safe course, blah blah blah. i didn’t expect that they would talk about anything really that out of the ordinary, especially in the mixed setting of the large group meeting. but, they destroyed my expectations, that’s for sure. not only did they talk about sex (insisting, as i suspect myself, that it is great fun, and even greater fun in the correct context), they talked about masturbation, porn, and other things of the same nature usually left completely taboo. the shock value was pretty funny–people were melting down all over the room (“why are they talking about THIS??”). i think the best point they made, though, was in discussing the non-physical aspects of sex, i.e., the mental, emotional, and spiritual things that go along with the physical act. the biggest picture painted by society is that it is a purely physical act, and so it is only the phyical considerations (stds, whatever) that we have to be concerned about. but, if there are mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to sex (and i am told convincingly that there are), then society is indeed misleading in its portrayal of what is really an altogether sacred thing, and in some ways completely different than what is in the images we are bombarded with. society sucks.

needless to say, i admired the audacity of the couple who spoke, being completely honest and open about themselves and the world as they see it. and i think that the world as they see it needs to be the way more of us (myself included) see it.

ahem, enough talk about sex. (can i talk about sex in a blog? who reads this? what if my mom is reading this?) don’t want to make the junior highers embarrassed.

of course, the meeting went longer than usual, because people had questions and whatnot (that’s what sex talks do). worship went well though, and alex and ann and i played beautiful, by mercyme. i sang. i wasn’t, but it was beautiful. unlike what usually happens, i was actually able to close my eyes, forget about my voice, forget about the guitar, forget about the people, and sing to god. that’s why i do music, my friends. it felt like a good sigh, and i could feel some of the frost that has been covering my heart and mind begin to evaporate a little. my exact thought-picture at this moment is that of Narnia when the witch’s spell of winter began to lose power. couple that with the image of Cronos in the Silver Chair, sleeping beneath the ground, and you have my state of mind/heart at the moment. with the thaw i feel that soon something will begin to awake, stirring restlessly (like the sleeping lords in Voyage of the Dawn Treader), regaining circulation. it seems just as if there is a switch in my mind simply waiting to be turned on, but i can’t myself reach it.

well, if i haven’t lost you with the Lewisian references there….

tomorrow will be a day of pain and suffering, as i’ll be spending lunchtime onward working until 5 on my logic problem set. i am not looking forward to that. hopefully it will all be out of my system by 8, when we’re heading out to dinner before screw your roommate. i can’t help but think what a rotten date i would be if, still in logic mode, i responded to “how do you like your pasta?” with “ExEy(isMe(y) && isPasta(x) && likes(y,x))”

right. well that’s officially the ‘i need sleep’ indicator flashing on my monitor, up to the right where you can’t quite see it, so au revoir.

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